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Revive Me Pilates

A 60-minute strengthening mat-based Pilates class in a spacious and bright studio

Pilates is one of the greatest exercises that focuses on building muscle strength re-balancing, stretching and toning your body. This 60-minutes program has been designed to work on all muscle groups and moving all areas of your body. The class is at beginner and intermediate level, so even if you are new to Pilates you can join for a great workout as modifications will be offered!

This class is great for you if you would like to:

- Improve your posture & balance

- Increase mobility and treat muscle tightness

- Strengthen your core

- If your physiotherapist recommends Pilates as a follow-up session after physio

- Tone your body

- Boost your well-being


We use a small Pilates ball or resistance band for further challenging your strength and balance. I can reassure you, you will feel revived! You only need to provide your own mat. 

The class is every Monday at 7:30pm - 8:30pm in a beautiful new building that every Walton resident can be proud of, Three Rivers Academy in Hersham, Walton-on-Thames. If you are driving from Walton town centre, pass the railway bridge on Hersham Road, keep going about 500 yards and it's on your left. Please see below for exact location.  

The studio is in the community end of the building.  When you drive through the gates, follow the signs to the community. You can park in front of the building in the car park. The class is held on the first floor. When you enter the building, go up the stairs, turn right through the double doors, turn right again at the bottom of the corridor, go through another set of doors and the door is on your right.

This class is available by Pay as you go £10 per session.  (When you press the below button it will take you to the booking page. Select the Walton class then on the following page click on the time, click on the next button. If you haven't purchased a class it will give you an option to buy the 8 weeks package or Pay as you go. Click select, and press sign up if you are not a member yet. You have payment options to choose from. If you are already a member, please log in with your credentials and follow the steps. As a member of my website, you will be able to book/cancel a session and the system will automatically counts your remaining sessions. 



Three Rivers Academy
Hersham Road
KT12 5PY

Revive Me Pilates class in Weybridge - Please note this class is not available currently

Join me for a great strengthening Pilates workout every Monday evening at 7pm and Tuesday morning at 9:30 at Power's cafe restaurant in Outlands. The cosy studio is located at the back of the shop. All you need to bring is yourself and perhaps a friend ;), all equipment will be provided. 

Book your place by selecting 'Book Online' from the top navigation of this website or click the below button:

Pay as You Go: £12 per class

Power's Weybridge
130 - 140 Outlands Drive
KT13 9HJ

There is car park opposite of the venue. 

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