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Meet Aniko! 

 “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” 

         Joseph Pilates

Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Aniko and I am a certified Pilates and reformer teacher, the owner of the Revive Me Fitness brand. I created Revive Me Fitness in the belief that exercise helps us build our fitness and well-being, focuses our mind and most importantly protects our health for the longer term.

My fitness journey started couple of years ago when I joined a class at my local gym. That moment changed everything for me! I was hooked and became a regular class visitor. I immediately felt the benefits: I felt strong, full of energy and revived - hence the name for my company. I loved it so much that I wanted to help others feel the same, so in 2019 Revive Me Fitness was born.

Why Pilates? Pilates helped me strengthen my core and the surrounding muscles; and ease my back pain from living sedentary lifestyle - the lifestyle I no longer live!  Fast forward, I now teach Pilates and reformer classes at all level in Walton-on-Thames and surrounding areas, helping my clients just like you, to achieve their desired goals, whether that be to become stronger, have more flexibility or to have fun and socialise with others. Find out from the above menu how I can help you and if you have any questions please contact me.

Best wishes,




Revive Me Pilates - 60 mins class

Monday: 7:30pm, Walton


Join me for a full hour reviving Pilates class to strengthen your core and tone your body.  

Active senior woman warming up, doing le

Private 1-to-1 Pilates


Choose the time that suits you

Prefer 1-to-1 sessions? I design you an hour class that is dedicated to your needs. 

Fit young couple exercising on fitness b

Couples Pilates

Book the sessions when suits you both

Train together with your loved ones at the comfort of your home. 

*This service is available either in a block of 8 sessions or Pay as you go

*This service comes in a block of 10 sessions

*This service comes in a block of 10 sessions

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